November 28, 2011

Creating with scraps and bartering . . .

My 'baby' sister happens to be a professional photographer, and she does an amazing job on our annual family photos.  And since she also appreciates handmade and modern fabrics, we've been bartering for the past couple years.  Last year I made her this Rolling Meadows quilt . . .

And this year I pulled out the leftover scraps and made a matching throw pillow and small table topper . . .

I also made some bags and accessories for her this year and here is the stack that was waiting on my counter to be picked up last week . . .

And it looks like I'm already in the clear for next year, because I won a fabulous Jo Totes camera bag on Leelou Blogs this morning . . .

So, do you barter your sewing/quilting with others?

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felicity said... #

This post reminded me that I wanted to chat with a friend who spins her own wool and knits fabulous stuff about bartering for a pair of legwarmers or wristlets. Thanks! And gorgeous projects, by the way!

Rosa said... #

I love your items but bags and accesories is my fav.Great job!!
Congratulations,wonderful tote camera.Enjoy!

Mrs.Pickles said... #

Great looking projects!

Debbie said... #

as I cant sell quilts (in the states as a dependent on my hubbys visa) i can only barter :)

Sue Daurio said... #

you projects look great and nice job with the bartering!

notes of sincerity said... #

What a perfect arrangement your sister and yourself have. :o) I *love* bartering and do so every single chance I get. :o) I am currently bartering what is in my little shop. :o)

**nicke... said... #

i love to barter! i got one of trish's awesome scarves by bartering with her! ;)