February 24, 2012

Ruffle skirt tutorial . . .

One of my daughters picked out a sparkly new top while shopping with her Oma last week, and needed a new skirt to go with it.  And after seeing the new ruffle fabrics out there, we went looking online to find some for a good deal.  We came across some great deals on Etsy, and for only $4, we bought a half yard of some black with white trim from Pink Poppies Fabric.

There's more than one way of making a ruffle skirt, and here's the method I used:
First, cut out your skirt piece - decide on your skirt length; and for the width, take your waist measurement and double it.

Make a casing at the top of the skirt by folding the top ruffle to the back and catching it with your stitches.

Cut a piece of 1/4" elastic to your waist size and feed it through the casing with a safety pin attached.

Secure the ends of the elastic together with a double zig-zag stitch.

Match your two unfinished edges of the skirt and sew them right-sides together - take your time and make sure to have all the ruffles facing down by either matching them together as you sew or you could pin them all before you start sewing.

Here you can see the finished seam.

And that's it!  So simple, and such a fun fabric to play with.  My daughter says it's just fancy enough to go with her new top.  And I have just enough left over ruffle fabric to make a newborn size one for my new little niece . . .


BeeSewSweet said... #

Love the skirt! I just bought some ruffle fabric for a pattern I have from Brynnberlee for a cute top. I can't to try it out.

Ruth B said... #

Your daughter was absolutely right..it is just fancy enouch to go with her top. The earrings are perfect with her new outfit which is very cha-cha-cha. Please tell her that her shoes are wonderful too!

Ashley said... #

Love it, Never knew it could be that simple!

Elaine M said... #

She looks lovely!

Katy Cameron said... #

Very cute!

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said... #

She looks so adorable! And the skirt looks like something even a quilter could do :) That ruffle fabric is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Carla said... #

Very cool skirt! It looks great on her. Thanks for sharing the process.

Nicole said... #

What a cute little skirt!

Darlene said... #

Oh hello Rebecca! how sweet to see some sewing.... gosh it reminded me how much I enjoyed sewing for my children when they were young. Love your blog and I wanted to say "thanks" for commenting on mine! I always find it so exciting to see a comment.

Have a great week!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said... #

Cute! I quilt, but, I never learned how to sew clothes.

Heather said... #

What a beautiful little girl in her new outfit! Great job, Mom! :o)

Stitchin' time said... #

She looks very sophisticated in her glitz and ruffles! Love the matching hair accessory and shoes :D.

Sarah Craig said... #

What a cute skirt, and thanks for sharing the tutorial! Whoop whoop!!

p.s.phyllis sews said... #

What a quick and easy skirt to make! She looks beautiful and quite grown up!

Kelsey said... #

What a cute skirt!! I never knew fabric like that existed!

Sandra Kaye said... #

What a wonderful skirt!! So, cute!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs

Kelly @ Blue Bird Sews said... #

what a cute skirt on a cute girl! Popping over from Lily's Quilts!

Elizabeth said... #

Oh, where did I see ruffle fabric, like in the last few days? That is a really cute skirt! I wonder if I could convince my very non-girly daughter that she needs a ruffle skirt (ha, ha!). Thanks for linking up!

xo -E

Highland Monkey's said... #

Thanks for taking the trouble to do a tutorial. The skirt looks really nice and your daughter is lovely.