February 03, 2012

a Valentine's Day outfit . . .

I am not usually one to make outfits for my girls for themed holidays, but I had a Lamour honey bun laying around, and thought it would make a cute top for my little girl.

I took a couple shirts that she had outgrown, cut the white one short, and cut the sleeves off the pink one, and sewed a bunch of fabric strips together . . . and voila!  A cute little top that she absolutely loves!  I still have over half of the honey bun left over and eleven days to figure out what else to make with it . . .

And here's another little tote for a birthday girl today.  The fabric is a retired line called Sunwashed by Sweetwater.


diane said... #

Stopping by from confessions of a fabric addict. I love your projects! What a cute shirt for a cute little girl..a great idea. And I love the bag also. Beautiful fabric.

Sheila said... #

Weren't you clever to think of the little top for your sweet little girl , she looks adorable in it . The bag is just sweet as well :-)

Alisa said... #

Great work, Rebecca!

I'm not a valentines fanatic at all, but this top is cute. And it really fits the theme of my blog, Making more with less!~ :-)

**nicke... said... #

that is adorable and she looks so happy in it too! fun!

Heather said... #

What a little doll! That is just adorable. Great job, Mom! :o)

Heidi Staples said... #

Visiting through Crazy Mom Quilts -- I follow you through email too. Love the top -- my girls would go nuts over that. The tote is darling...such a great size. Beautiful work!

Tania Grim said... #

aww what a sweetheart she is . I love it. The nice thing about love day is the clothes can be worn all year and it wouldn't look as funny as a halloween costume.

If Toys Could Talk said... #

What a cute little top - and your little girl is ADORABLE! I like that you repurposed her old shirts for it.

AnnieK said... #

Precious! Such a clever way to get a little more wear out of clothing. Kiddos sprout out of things so quickly, don't they?

Katy Cameron said... #

Aww, she looks so cute in that top, and so happy with it!

Pam said... #

What a lovely, little dress that can be worn for any occasion! The bags look great, too!

Carolyn J. said... #

Cute dress and cuter model!!!

Michelle (LemonadeGal) said... #

Seriously, could she be any cuter? She lo0oks so happy to model for you! The dress is great, too. :) I never thought of using outgrown shirts. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Dayna said... #

That photo of your daughter in her new dress is just oozing cuteness! I love it! What a fun idea.

KatieQ said... #

The dress is adorable. Of course when you're that cute, you could look beautiful wearing a paper bag.

Michelle said... #

Your daughter is adorable! And her new top inspired. She looks so pleased with it.

Sarah Craig said... #

What a beautiful dress for a sweet little princess! Whoop whoop for coming up with this great design!!

Sonia said... #

Cute! You did an awesome job. :)

beth said... #

what a cute little dress!

Sue said... #

Love the top for Alyssa! It is so cute. I know what you could do with the left over fabric....your cute niece would look so sweet in a matching top :) Just a thought :) Take care and keep coming up with great ideas.

Mary said... #

That is super cute! I love it. Seems like Aunt Sue may have an idea for your left overs but I was going to suggest a bag for carrying Valentines in. They still do them for schools don't they? She could use it for 3 or 4 years and you would have the memory.

Fabrics N Quilts said... #

What a great top, and adorable model!
Whoop Whoop!

Carla said... #

How adorable and I love her smile!

Elizabeth said... #

That little top is SO cute! Love that fabric line!

And your bag is really cute!

xo -E

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said... #

I'm your newest follower. I linked over from Pleasant Home, I saw that you won a giveaway. Congratulations!
I think the top you made your daughter is so adorable. The little tote is so sweet too! You are a very clever lady. So nice to meet you!

Sue said... #

That top is so sweet & so it your little girl!

notes of sincerity said... #

Oh how cute!!! :o)

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said... #

Your top is adorable - but I'm not sure it has anything on the cuteness of your model! Thank you for linking up - Good luck!