March 16, 2012

Mini Clutches and a big THANK-YOU. . .

So, a couple weeks ago I asked for you to vote for the top I made for the Valentine's Day showcase, and THANKS to your votes, I placed second and won a $25 gift certificate to Contemporary Cloth.  I just want to extend a HUGE THANK-YOU to all of you that took the time to vote, I appreciate it so much!

As you may know, I have three little girls and two of them are school-age.  Little girl birthday invitations come home quite often, and buying gifts can add up.  So, since I enjoy making little bags and purses, I have been trying to sew for every birthday girl for the past couple of years.  It saves money, but I also really enjoy trying out new patterns and of course playing with fabric!  My daughters also love being part of picking out the fabric and style when another birthday party invite comes home.  So, with the fabric gift certificate, I ordered a bunch of half yard cuts of prints and coordinating solids for birthday girl sewing.

And since my oldest daughter is having her birthday party this weekend, I wanted to sew fabric goody bags for the girls.  And with my girls on Spring Break this week, they were lots of help with deciding on which fabrics to use and picking out matching buttons.  

These mini clutches were fun to make and my girls have already found a dozen uses for them - the finished size is 7 1/2" x 4" and 2" deep at the base.


shortstop said... #

Wow, there will be some lucky little girls taking home some bags. Do you mind me asking where the pattern is from?
Stunning work, well done.
Donna x x

If Toys Could Talk said... #

I love that you sew for all of the little birthday girls. Who knows, maybe you'll inspire one to ask her mama to help her learn how to sew! And those clutches are so cute!

Grandma G said... #

Congrats on your win! What CUTE little clutches! I foresee a bunch of happy little girls! :)

Alisa said... #

Nice goodie bags! I can't believe you used buttons and not snaps! :-)

Fabrics N Quilts said... #

What a great giftie! All the girls will want to hang out at your place for sure! Whoop Whoop!

Ginette said... #

Congrats on your win! I just started sewing gifts for birthday parties too. My 6 year old sewed her own cushion for the last birthday party she went to! Your clutches are adorable!

Ginette said... #

Congrats on your win! I just started sewing gifts for birthday parties too. My 6 year old sewed her own cushion for the last birthday party she went to! Your clutches are adorable!

Heather D. said... #

Very sweet idea. Your daughter and her friends will be thrilled!

Kat said... #

These are wonderful!! I make bags and pillows for my daughters to give as gifts and last year, I made (gulp!) 21 mini tote bags for my daughter to give as goody bags for her b-day at summer camp. We filled them with dollar store manicure supplies (nail file, polish, toe separators, etc). I wasn't sure what I'd do this year, but I love your clutch idea. Bookmarking this post for definite use later!

Ashley said... #

That's great that you won! Love the little clutches, girls and their stuff :)

Kristen said... #

Cute!! Wonderful little clutches for your daughter's friends!

Katy Cameron said... #

Fun party favours! I remember we used to get a fun size Mars bar and a novelty eraser or something lol

Velita said... #

So cute!! Did you use a pattern for the clutch? If so I'd love to know which one.. Thanks!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said... #

Cute clutches!

Mary Beth said... #

Those clutches are so cute and what a good idea. You are amazing to have 3 children and make gifts! I try to make gifts for my children to take to parties as well. For 5 year old birthdays we make tooth fairy pillows and they are such fun! For 6 year old birthdays we did journals w/ fabric covers. We also make pillowcases. Always looking for inspirations for what to make. My son went to a 5year birthday party yesterday. The creative parents there had made monster pillows...similar to the UGLI dolls and the children decorated with fake fur, buttons and googlie eyes. They were such fun!

Anonymous said... #

Absolutely adorable! So glad that you won. So much fun for your daughters to be involved in the process. Best to you and your family!

Sue said... #

So cute! Those sure are some lucky girls coming to Elayna's party! Such a great idea. :)

amylouwho said... #

These are adorable! I love that starling print too! I made little bag for birthday parties last year. Unfortunately my year old got tired of giving away completely adorable bags and wants to give littlest pet shops. :(

Thanks for linking up!

iluvmybugs said... #

These little mini clutches are just so cute...what lucky little girls! TFS :o)