February 11, 2014

new craft room...

Over the past week, I have been painting, moving furniture, packing up my old craft room, and starting to set up my new one.  We decided to convert our large playroom to a bedroom for two of the girls, and turn my old craft room into a mud room/Wii room.  This freed up a bedroom upstairs for me to turn into a craft room, but it will also have an area for the kids crafts. 

As you can see from pics of my old room, I haven't unpacked and organized all my fabric in the new room yet, and I'm sure I'll be filling up a box to donate and a garbage bag along the way. The new room also comes with a large closet filled with shelves which will make my job a lot easier. And since I'm itching to work on some sewing and quilting, I'll hopefully have it all in order soon.


Sewing Mom said... #

What a lovely new space, Rebecca...and I love the curtain! Hope you're able to organize it soon and enjoy sewing again!

Smultronbo said... #

I love your curtains. Such a nice way to use scraps and also show what really is cooking in the room all the time. ;) Thanks for sharing and gl with your new space.

Lynne Tilley said... #

Good for you! I do love your curtains! It almost looks like Bonnie & Camille Scrumptious. Can't wait to see the final pics. Love that desk, counter space you have to work on.

Margaret Aikema said... #

Looks awesome Rebecca. Enjoy it!