February 04, 2014

Self Care Sewing . . .

There has been a new thing trending in the online sewing and quilting community - it's called Self Care Sewing and the intention is that we craft for ourselves more often, without guilt. Sounds good to me - and I have plenty of favorite fabrics that I would love to see and enjoy more often. The first item for myself this year was a custom cover for my Bible - I included pockets for a pen and notebook - and I want to mention that these were bought (along with another book) with a gift certificate from my secret sister (THANK-YOU!). And you want to know what's fantastic about the pen?! It has my full name embossed on it - no sharing or getting stolen by my kids :)

The fabrics are from Pat Bravo's Poetica line, and are left over from a quilt top that I made for myself - which has been left untouched in my sewing room for almost a year! I have been distracted by other projects, and more than a little stumped by how I want to quilt it - suggestions are always appreciated!!

Not sure if I love the fabric flower, I think I'm going to remake it in a flatter version. But I love everything else about this cover. So now I'm already thinking of what I should make for myself next - I think I've made myself enough bags and pouches, and would love some more every day items for around the house. I'm thinking sewing machine cover, KitchenAid cover, Nook cover, more ideas welcome . . .


Linda said... #

Love the Bible cover...wonderful...I have been trying to make a few things for our home too...table runners and such as well. Have a wonderful day!!

storybeader said... #

I love the idea of an extra pocket for a notebook! Looks great! {:-Deb

Dee said... #

Oh how fun! Love the fabrics and that you are sewing for someone special...you!

Can't wait to see the sewing machine cover!

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said... #

Want a nice Bible cover with pockets for a notebook and a place for your pen. I think I need one of these. I made one for a larger size Bible many years ago. Yours is a nice size. I too. Have been making more for around the house lately. I want a couple more table runners and placemats. Some more pillows too!

Kay said... #

This is so pretty. I really need to make one for myself, my scriptures are just in a vinyl zip case.

Staci said... #

Love your Bible cover. I've wanted to make one for a long time, but never stop to do things for myself.....hmmm, sounds familiar, doesn't it? Love the pocket and pen holder idea, very smart!

Rachel said... #

Nice colors and the pen and notebook holder are great ideas! I have a few projects for me that got pushed out of the line last year. Time to get them a solid place on the gueue I think!

Dawn said... #

Clever! Great fabric!

Esther F. said... #

That is a wonderful thing to make for yourself!
Great job!!!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com