April 04, 2014

Medic Alert Bracelet Giveaway and Promo Code...

One of my daughters and I both wear medic alert bracelets. And did you know that there are some seriously cute ones out there?!  I ordered us each a bracelet and tag from Lisa Rene' Creations - and I just can't say enough about the quality and how comfortable they are! My daughter has a pencillin allergy and she wears hers 24/7. I wear mine for a food allergy, and I carry an epipen - so I make sure to wear it to restaurants and on my recent vacation.  Lisa Rene' Creations has a fantastic selection of designs for adults and kids. Here are some of my favorites:

And these are the ones my daughter and I wear:

Wearing a medic alert bracelet is extremely important for anyone with a drug allergy, but in this world of so many food allergies - it's also a big comfort knowing I'm wearing one with life saving directions printed on the back of it. I would especially like to encourage this for any child with a food allergy who attends schools, field trips, camps, etc. This could be a lifesaving purchase! Lisa is generously offering a promo code for my readers - just use the code BusyBunch at checkout to get 15% off anything in her shop!

And for a chance to win a bracelet and tag, just leave a comment below - who in your life wears or should be wearing a medic alert bracelet?  For additional entries, 'like' Lisa Rene on Facebook, follow my blog, 'like' BusyBunch on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. Just leave a separate comment for each (up to five entries in total). Good luck!   Winner has been emailed.


susan718 said... #

Thank you for the giveaway. I'm supposed to be wearing such a bracelet but so far haven't gotten around to it. These are really beautiful. Thanks again.

Staci said... #

My daughter and I should both be wearing one. I've never seen such cute bracelets before! Never had any idea there was something so fun out there!

Unknown said... #

My niece wears one, and I'm sure she'd love to pick a pretty one!

Tina Short said... #

Thankfully I dont need to wear one but my friend wears one, she had a heart transplant 3 years and 5 days ago and one of these beautiful bracelets would be a lovely gift for her.

Little Ella Lu said... #

My 5 year old nephew was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last summer.

Little Ella Lu said... #

I follow your blog.

Little Ella Lu said... #

I follow Lisa Rene' Creations on facebook.

Little Ella Lu said... #

I follow Busy Bunch on facebook.

Little Ella Lu said... #

I follow OurBusyLittleBunch on twitter.

Ella said... #

I should be. These are fabulous!

Shelly said... #

My nephew has to wear one due to a nut allergy. My mom should wear one, maybe this would get her to? :) Thank you so much!

Matt Ferrell said... #

My grandma

Shelly said... #

Following you on twitter. :)

Matt Ferrell said... #

I follow @ourbusybunch on twitter as @matt_ferrell

Shelly said... #

I also subscribe to your blog. :)

Pickles Quilting said... #

I should wear one for a nut allergy, and husband for seizures. I follow your blog via Bloglovin'. Great post! -Brittany

Sharon Jones said... #

I should wear one for a latex allergy.

Kathy H said... #

My daughter wears a bracelet and those are just beautiful. More like some really pretty jewelry.

Kathy H said... #

I follow you through email.

GrannyTo8Boys said... #

Hi. I have severe allergies to all antibiotics, codeine, and bee stings, so I also carry epipen. I have recently lost my bracelet so another (wow) cute one would be a cool one to win. Thanks for showing us these very chic bracelets.

Sowing Stitches said... #

Wow! These are great!! More people would be willing to wear their medic alert bracelets if theirs looked as good as these!!! Thanks for sharing this post...I was unaware of trendy medic alert bracelets even existed!! Guilty as charged...we all should be wearing a medic alert bracelet....

mary mahoo said... #

What great med alert bracelets! Who should be wearing one in my family? Me (she says sheepishly). I have multiple drug allergies, and food allergies that could be deadly as well. My daughter is supposed to wear one for a peanut allergy as well (didn't develop it until she turned 21 yo!) And the reason neither of us wear them? They're so ugly! Shameful I know (and dangerous). Thanks for such a great giveaway and introducing me to someone who makes them art!

mary mahoo said... #

I follow you on Twitter (@nonna_mahoo)

mary mahoo said... #

I like you on FB

mary mahoo said... #

I like Lisa Rene on FB,,,and am off to her etsy site to shop right now.

mary mahoo said... #

I'm an email follower.

LV said... #

Thanks for the giveaway! My son should be wearing one because he is anaphylactic to peanuts.

LV said... #

I follow you on FB and follow your blog and follow Lisa Rene on FB!

Lori said... #

what a great give a way. Thanks. I am now 55 and have been wearing one since I was 13 because I have epelipsey. I would love to get something other than silver and a silver chain. I need to wear mine all the time.

Lori said... #

I liked lisa on FB

Lori said... #

I follow your blog via email

Lori said... #

I follow busy bunch on FB

Lori said... #

I follow you on twitter

karen said... #

What a wonderful give away. I wear one 24/7 because I have a kidney transplant and am immunosuppressed and have many drug interactions. I would love to win a bracelet.

Pattij said... #

My grandson has food and penicillin allergies. He is 6 and would love one of the manly ones! Great giveaway!
Evin5 at aol dot com

Sandy said... #

I should wear one for a couple of issues I have. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Suze said... #

Thank you for the opportunity. I read a few of the posts and like many of them I should be wearing my bracelet. It is over 40 years old. I don't even know where it is. It had the alert symbol on the side of an ID looking bracelet. On the inside was my drug allergy. Now, I have more drug allergies. As my hair gone longer and longer and longer, it would catch around the alert symbol and pull hair out and be uncomfortable. So, I quit wearing it. I got it after I had an allergic reaction to a medication I had been taking for a long time and moved away from my parents. I was traveling via car long distances and thought I needed to have it since I didn't have family where I was and in case of a car accident. You may have saved a life by reminding some of us that we need to be wearing bracelets.

jennifer57 said... #

I should be wearing.